I have one extra room in my house, I call it my office, but it’s more of a catch all room since it’s basically my office, exercise, craft, and storage room combined.  And this room of mine needed a makeover.

I decided to paint the walls based off something I’d seen on Pinterest.  A variation of multi colored striping.  My vision: two shades of dark green with gold stripes forming geometric patterns on the walls.  The only thing I wasn’t completely sure about was the trim, especially with regard to the windows, but the baseboards too.  In the end I decided to keep the original white trim since it would match the door and the ceiling and give me another reason to buy the white IKEA desk I’d had my eye on.  🙂

First, I drew a rough sketch to map out my geometric patterns.

Before doing anything else, as with any paint job, I prepped the walls, making sure they were clean and dry and I covered the floors with drop cloth.

Then I applied painters tape where I wanted my gold stripes to be.

scotch blue tape on white walls

Applying the tape was definitely the hardest part.  Keeping the lines straight wasn’t as easy as it sounded in my head.  I mean the tape is straight, it has straight edges, so in my mind it followed, it would go on the wall straight… but it didn’t.  I had to readjust it several times and use a ruler and level to get it just right.  

The next step was tracing the outer edge of the tape with a pencil.  I was using dark green paint so I wasn’t worried about the pencil lines showing through.  If I had been using a lighter paint I probably would have used more tape to delineate the outer edge of my stripes instead of a pencil.

pencil lines drawn gold paint sample

After my guidelines were drawn I removed the tape and painted the shiny gold paint inside the lines.  After letting the gold dry, I reapplied the tape over it, which this second time around was super easy as I just re-used the guide lines I’d drawn.  

stripes of blue painters tape being applied over gold paint

Next came the fun part..

Painting over the tape with the two alternating shades of dark green.

scotch blue tape over gold paint and green paint in progress
two green shades painted over tape

After painting a second coat where needed and letting the green paint dry came…

The scary part…

Removing the tape. This was the big reveal of sorts.  I held my breath as I removed the first strip of tape… Success! It looked great.  I removed the rest of the tape as carefully as I could while trying to contain my happy jubilation.  

the finished look of two green shades and gold geometric lines