Water is essential to staying healthy and hydrated.  Making sure you drink enough water daily can be made more enjoyable and pleasant simply by adding a little something extra.  Ice cubes can be infused and enhanced to add a dash of flavor, subtle scent, and visual delight.  The most quintessential of these is the classic mint lime ice cube.

glasses filled with mint lime ice cubes

There are many varieties of mint leaf from spearmint to peppermint, apple mint to orange mint, even chocolate mint. With all varieties of mint the aromatic refreshing taste pairs perfectly with lime – Making this a timeless classic for a reason.

bunch of mint leaves and a lime ingredients

Just as simple as they are exquisite – Freeze fresh mint leaves and lime slices in an ice tray with water.  Any ice tray will do.
See my post – How to Make Flower Ice Cubes – for two important tips to keep in mind when making enhanced ice cubes.

mint and lime ice cubes on a glass tray

After the infused cubes are frozen just add them to your glass anytime water alone doesn’t quench your thirst.

mint leaves and lime slices in ice cubes fresh water

Mint Lime & Cherry Sparkling Water

~ Add cherries and sparkling mineral water to take classic up a notch ~

cherry ice cubes floating in sparkling mineral water with mint and lime ice cubes and cherry tree in background

Freeze cherries into ice cubes or toss them in fresh.  Add sparkling mineral water and enjoy the tasty refreshing elegance of this definitive thirst quencher.

cherries in a cherry tree
cherry mint lime ice cubes

Want more cherry flavor..?  Let the cherries sit overnight to infuse the water or better yet pit and squeeze a few to add a splash of fresh cherry juice.

glass pitcher filled with cherry mint lime sparkling water