When summer envelopes you in its heated embrace, cool off and refresh with lavender rose petal iced tea.  Cherish the moment, swing in your hammock, lounge on your chaise and sip the delicate ambrosia of this infused water.

lavender rose petal ice tea pouring from bronze tea pot into tea cup


rose petal iced tea in a tea cup with flower ice cubes

The ingredients are simple: lavender blossoms and rose petals.

Rose petals and lavender blossoms in front of a bronze teapot

*when gathering your rose petals (or whenever gathering any herbs and flowers) always make sure you’re using edible ingredients that weren’t sprayed with any pesticides or chemicals.

peach rose petals and pastel purple lavender ice cubes

Make the ice cubes first as they’ll need time to freeze (make them days in advance to use throughout the week.)

close up of rose and lavender ice cubes sitting in abalone shell
dark pink rose blossom ice sphere-ball sitting in tea cup
ball shaped ice mold-maker
Use a mold to make ice spheres too!

Add rose petals and lavender blossoms to ice cube trays. See my tips for making flower ice cubes in my post ~ How to Make Flower Ice Cubes.


tea ball infuser with rose petals and lavender

To make the tea; steep the lavender blossoms and rose petals in water using any tea infuser/ball or cheesecloth.  I like to use two parts rose petal to one part lavender blossom to even the two out as lavender tends to be slightly more potent than rose petals.  Steep longer for stronger flavor and let cool off in the fridge.

tea ball infuser filled with flower petals
ingredients cheesecloth-tea ball infuser-rose petals and lavender

Add your beautified and flavor enhanced ice cubes just before serving.

noritake nippon china tea cups garden lavender rose petal ice tea
tea cup garden setting in front of lavender bush